Doca dos Marias restaurante in Tavira

Pass the road in front of Continente shopping center and drive towards the brand new street going to Ilha de Tavira.  Ypu arrive at a small port. The restaurant is simple, a big room with plenty of windows  overlooking at the Gilao river, and a large terrace.

Here, the game is fish, crustacean and salads. The grilled fish specially made on a huge BBQ is the “signature” dish.

But they have also good salads and sauted potatoes.

And , of course, the famous pudding de uovo.

Doca dos Marias Restaurante
Open everyday except wednesday
Edifício Doca R1 Quatro Águas, Estr. das 4 Águas, 8800-418 Tavira, Portugal+351 281 321 285